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On behalf of Cyrano and myself welcome to the reformatted, reinvigorated, and fully locked and reloaded website. Our goal is to stay better connected with our listeners via blog postings and a host of other new millennium devices. We appreciate that you believe The Molotov Cocktail Hour to be a primary, pipeline for “the world’s finest music.” We do what we can to shed light on the music that Cyrano and I have amassed over 2 decades of scouring all the corners of the globe. In that line, we will finally sit down with one of our musical heroes, the legendary percussionist Chico Fernandez, to find out all the juicy details of how 3 men in a small club in Marina Del Rey in the early 70’s, were able to record one of the greatest, live albums of all time. This album, “Douglas and Lonero Featuring Chico Fernandez on Drums Live and Charlie Brown’s,” has become sought after by DJ’s and beat junkies far and wide. Cyrano found this record well over 15 years ago and it became one of our all time faves. Stay tuned for the interview with Chico, as well as lots of other shenanigans.

Your Pal,
Senor Amor

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