…but don’t just take our word for it, here’s honest feedback from our satisfied customers. When asked to assess what we brought to the table, our recipients raised their right hand, placed the other on a copy of “Wait Until Spring, Bandini,” and uttered these confessions:

Cyrano – aka Steve – went beyond expectations as our wedding DJ! Nailed every beat, every tempo and every song choice like the true pro that he is. Weaving together different genres and tunes that only an expert with a trained and sensitive ear can combine, he made our wedding day incredibly special. Everyone of our guests has praised him and they are still talking about how fun the music was. The songs we had selected as must-have came on throughout the night, always at what felt like the perfect moment and putting a big smile on our faces as we watched our friends and family dance to every kind of song imaginable…from funk to salsa, from the known to the obscure, and everything in between…every one of them fun and memorable.  Great to work with throughout the planning, easy, friendly and incredible attention to detail. He made us feel confident in our choice every step of the way and he delivered the goods – many fold!!

Robert + Roberto, The Huron Substation LA Wedding


Heartbreaker? Ubermensch? DJ? Cyrano is a lethal combination of all three, seasoned with a healthy dose of inventiveness and a dash of wit. We had nothing but the highest expectations of Steve as he ruled the airwaves of our wedding, and he vastly exceeded them. From start to finish, Steve was professional, patient, thoughtful and engaged–he really listened to us, and perfectly harmonized our musical tastes to create a one-of-a-kind soundtrack for the most magical day of our lives. Everyone–from the bubblegum pop-preferring bridesmaids to the punk rock glitterati groomsmen–was completely blown away by Cyrano. If only we could figure out how to trick him into sonically curating every day of our lives . . .

— Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Lindsay Mosher, Downtown L.A. Wedding


Steve (Cyrano) brought a deep crate and impeccable taste to our wedding reception. All of the meaningful, must-have songs we discussed were salted through the set at perfectly timed intervals, supported by a spot-on array of tunes he didn’t know we loved but obviously divined through mystical mental telepathy. The man brought together all the afternoon’s various threads (Napa magic hour, family and friends aglow, newlyweds in zonked out bliss) and wove an unforgettable and joyous affair. Friendly to work with, pro all the way, and damn handsome in a suit and tie.

— Chris and Inga, Napa Winery Wedding


Steve (Cyrano) took our Wedding up a few hundred levels. Between the ferocious dance party, the Classic Country dinner music and the final song of the wedding (that Steve choose and we will never ever forget), he threw a perfect game!
Not to mention what a pleasure he was to work with, how he took ALL of our ideas, incorporated them and made them better. My wife and I cannot recommend Steve highly enough.

— Brian & Robin, 29 Palms “Country Casual” Wedding


The amount of time and care that Stephen put into our wedding music was incredible to say the least.
He met with us months before the wedding to go over what we wanted. We told him we wanted to do a “soul dance party.” He then gave us literally hundreds of song options, because the man is an encyclopedia of music. And not the obnoxious pretentious, too cool for school-type. He’s the type that is personable, kind and fun!  Needless to say, if it weren’t for my wife, I’d probably try to marry Stephen.

The guy really loves music and didn’t even flinch when I told him we wanted to play the theme from Ghostbusters. My favorite part is that I requested some Cuban music because my mother is Cuban and he went beyond and above the call of duty and played some cuts that really made my mom’s night extra special. If this were a Yelp review, I’d give the man 5 stars. I’d feel more than comfortable recommending him for any occasion. Truly the best.

— Chris and Valerie, Desert Get-Away wedding at the 29 Palms Inn


You can tell that Steve Ratter (Cyrano) is a passionate MC that really cares about the events he hosts. Our special occasion would not have been the same with anyone else on the mic and the turntables. His preparation was top-notch as he corresponded with us several times, both over email and with an in person house-call to get a real feel for the kind of couple we were. This kind of personal touch really went over well with us. Come they day of, the entire audio setup was flawless at both locations that allowed everyone to weep tears of joy during the ceremony and dance their pants off during the reception. In short, there’s a likely chance we will name our first-born “Steve”.

— Peter and Courtney, wedding at The London Hotel, West Hollywood


Music is an important part of our lives and our work, so when we decided to get married on New Year’s Eve, of course we wanted a sacred event, but we also wanted a great party with lots of dancing. Steve played a really big part in making that desire a reality. He gave us eclectic and interesting playlists to choose from, had no problem adding music that wasn’t on his lists, and gracefully rolled with the punches in real time. There were so many moving parts at our outdoor, at-home, New Year’s Eve wedding and Steve, his professionalism and impeccable musical taste stood out as a calm spot and one of the reasons lots of folks are still talking about that night, almost a year later. If you need a DJ, stop looking and hire this man now!

— Lori and Ken, backyard New Year’s Eve Wedding, Silverlake


Steve was a fantastic choice for our laid-back outdoor wedding party. He took such care to craft a perfectly customized playlist for us – he pulled from an encyclopedic collection of music from all over the world, and then painstakingly tailored his playlist to our interests as well as those of our guests. The music he chose flowed seamlessly from subtle, pre-dinner ambiance into a full fledged dance party later in the evening. Neither of us were expecting our shy friends to be so willing to get on the dance floor, but Steve’s choices made it hard to resist. He was also able to accommodate a performance by my 11-year-old niece, who sang a lovely tune while he provided the background song and mic. Steve put together a great combination of jazz, Latin music, funk, Motown, soul, old-school hip-hop, new wave, and lots of classics from the 50s through the 90s. It was the perfect backdrop for an evening full of emotion, dancing, and really good vibes.

— Ariane and James, backyard reception and pool party, Sierra Madre


I can’t begin to say enough great things about Stephen’s MC abilities: his style and taste made our wedding incredible fun and it was a little too easy to dance the night away to his amazing library of music. Stephen and his wife Max helped us stay on track that night and they did an incredible job entertaining our guests at the Los Angeles Arboretum. In my opinion, you can’t do better than Stephen and his musical stylings; he’s got great taste in music, he helps create an outline of the events and most importantly he keeps you on track to have an effortless event. On top of that, he makes it look all too easy. A true professional, my wife and I were very lucky to book him for our big day. Thanks again Steve! Quit reading the reviews and book him now!

— Imran and Elaina, L.A. Arboretum Wedding


We hired Stephen (Cyrano) for our school gala. Besides his amazing music selection that had everyone begging for more songs at the end of the night…we were so impressed with his concern for our guests and his MC skills. Every announcement had such a personal flair and set an extremely warm and very fun tone to the evening. We would absolutely use him again and again and recommend him in a heart beat!

— Amy, Dinner & Auction Fundraising Gala for the Children’s Community School at The Avalon, Hollywood


I was nervous about choosing a DJ for my wedding. I’m very particular about my music and wanted the wedding to be a reflection of my wife’s and my personalities. Steve met with us several times to get a good understanding out our tastes and when the time came for the actual wedding, he was absolutely perfect. We got just the right blend of our own selections and songs he chose to flesh out the playlist. We honestly couldn’t have found a better DJ. Steve was a big part of why it was the perfect wedding for us.

— Andrew & Lena, Napa Country House Wedding


We were lucky enough to get both Steve (Cyrano) and SenorAmor at our wedding. Between these two, we couldn’t have gotten a better evening of perfect music. We sat down with Steve and went over the theme of our wedding (slightly retro with music from the 50′s and 60′s) and he really listened to our opinions, made a ton of suggestions, and really made us both feel at ease about how our evening was going to play out. Both he and Senor went above and beyond by filling the rest of the evening with fitting songs that made our wedding feel like a time machine to a better time. Our night would not have been magical if we’d gone with someone else, we know this as a fact. These guys KNOW music, and it shows in their performance. With Cyrano and Senor, you’re getting something special, a marked cut above the rest, more than just an average evening. It’s been about three weeks since our wedding and we hear two things pretty consistently, how magical our wedding was, and how awesome the music was. We even got comments from our site coordinator and photographer.

— Jonathan & Alyessa, Vintage Wedding at Maravilla Gardens, Camarillo, Ca.


Steve is a magnificent DJ. First off, he is organized. Prior to the wedding, he spent time with us talking about music choices and gave us an extensive list of music to choose from. Secondly, he is great under pressure. On the day of the wedding, despite finding out that one of the rented speakers had feedback, he was able to find a solution in time for the wedding. Thirdly, he is a pro. He incorporated all our selected songs into the ceremony and reception seamlessly. Lastly, Steve is an amiable, good-humored and delightful human being. You would be lucky to have him as your DJ!

— Diana and Yon, Summer Wedding at the Thursday Club, La Cañada


One of the best decisions we made in planning our wedding was getting Steve to DJ. We wanted a hip vibe for our cocktail hour and classy 1930s Paris-style music for dinner and Steve handled both perfectly. The man has an unmatched knowledge of all types and eras of music. He worked with us before the event, mixed in our selections throughout the night, made things very easy on us, and otherwise handled every single challenge we presented him. Don’t discount the value of setting the proper mood for your wedding and, if we had to do it all over again, we wouldn’t hesitate to call on Steve.

— Yolanda & Brant, Wedding at “Ramsey’s At The Club,” Burbank


My wife and I used Steve as our wedding DJ and we couldn’t have been happier with the results. We wanted music that was a little different than what one would hear at a traditional wedding — mainly a mix of alternative, jazz and world music that is both pleasant and accessible. Steve is easy person to talk to and immediately understood the type of wedding we were going for. After one meeting, we knew we were in good hands and no longer had to worry about this part of the wedding. Unlike a lot of wedding DJs, Steve was not imposing — he understood that this was our day but still made sure everyone had a good time. He was able to read the crowd well and keep the atmosphere festive while still playing the music we liked. Our special day could not have gone any better. Steve is a true professional and I cannot recommend him highly enough!

— Neil & Christine


My wife Sue and I were very lucky to have found Steve through a friend we know in the music business. Steve was very responsive and personable from the beginning. Our first face-to-face meeting with him at a local landmark restaurant he selected was great fun, as well as effective in our planning. His knowledge of music – he’s like an encyclopedia! He was very focused on providing exactly what we wanted, while allowing us to let him handle all the technical details. He was obviously very experienced in handling this type of event. Our wedding and reception went very smoothly and a great time was had by all. We would definitely call Steve again for another function or celebration calling for professional music management.

— Dr. & Mrs. Gary Stewart, Laguna Beach wedding


Mary and I are music buffs, and even worse, control freaks. Early on we found out it would be impossible for us to somehow DJ our own wedding, so we turned to DJ Cyrano. Somehow he took my seven hour “sample playlist” and figured out how to make it fun AND classy, and STILL throw in some stuff we would never have expected! Cyrano knows music, but even more importantly, Cyrano knows People. He somehow figured out our eclectic tastes and translated that to the whole affair, and young and old (and even the VERY old) all had a great time, got so many compliments it was crazy. Couldn’t recommend him more

— Robin & Mary, Calamigos Ranch, Malibu


Cyrano was one of the highlights to my art opening. My photographic series of light paintings, called “Riding With Mary”, is very specific. Cyrano’s eclectic selections brought a reverence and a life that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. The crowd stayed for hours. People still talk about the evening and how great and cool the vibe was. I am looking forward to having him at my next show.

Chris Haston