Wrap your mitts around a lowball, crank the Hi-Fi to 88.9 and tell the kids not to touch the damn dial. From 10-midnight on KXLU Los Angeles, Cyrano and Señor Amor make every Tuesday a “me-and-yous-day” with a program of music that’s exotic, quixotic and quite possibly Jihadic. Cheat on your boredom with a wild little mistress of inappropriate sound and consider yourself warned & invited…

Upcoming Events for February

February 14th, 15th & 16th: Lucha Va-Voom !

Once again Señor Amor wows the crowd at the Historic Mayan Theater, for Lucha Va-Voom’s Valentine’s show.  What better way to keep those excuses for smooches extended than by watching a jam-packed live show of masked Mexican wrestlers and a bevy of burlesque beauties.  Off-color commentary by Blaine Capatch, Tom Kenny, and Dana Gould.  It’s like a Saturday morning kids show but with more violence, swearing and boobs—all to rambunctious Rock-en-Español courtesy of Señor Amor! Talk about bang for your buck; it’s an arousing evening that any couple can enjoy.  For intimate details, tickets and mouth watering photos, check out the Lucha website: http://luchavavoom.com/

Upcoming Events for November

before internet dating

the old fashioned way

November 1st —The Molotov SPOOKILAU  Episode

Halloween is just barely over– why you can practically smell the scorched remains of smashed pumpkins and still feel the candy-corn stomach ache. However, you’re not out of the woods yet pilgrim, as the Day of The Dead stands between you and a cylinder of canned cranberry sauce. Join us November First at 9:30PM for a special 150 minutes of Surfing Skeletons, Horror Movie Maltballs, Ectoplasmic Exotica and Ghouls in Thee Garage. With musical help from our cryptkeeping comrade in arms, “The Late” Collin Rae, we’ll take one last stab at pulling you back to the grave before Christmas starts by the end of the week.

Upcoming Events for April

April 12th —Special guest DJ bonebrake on air!

Some might call him an icon of the L.A. underground music scene, others just think he’s a hell of a guy. Sometimes a certain band can come to exemplify a city at a certain place and time. X was such a band for the early punk scene and Dj kept their rhythm rolling.

He has beat the traps for many combos and projects over the years, and his percussion abilities broadened and matured into those of one hell of a vibraphonist. His band “the Bonebrake Syncopators” plays early, old timey jazz in a tight rollicking fashion and are a real treat live. On April 12th, DJ will sit down with us to discuss his newest project and give us a listen to, The Orchestra Superstring, an exciting contemporary group that plays instrumental jazz inspired by Afro-Cuban, Latin, and other modern musical influences. Don’t miss this one, boys and squirrels.

April 19th —The Martin Denny Easter Special.

Let’s put Easter where it belongs—back on the Island! Join the Molotov crew for a very special sans-a-belt marathon edition of the program as we join forces with Soiree Musicale’s Yolanda for a 4 hour show! From 8-Midnight we will be playing the finest Exotica tunes for a Right-Left-Rite of Spring from our shipwrecked selections. “Exotica” is a termed coined for the genre of music from the mid 50’s to the early 60’s that conjures up images of lush tropical landscapes, mysterious natives, forgotten temples, dangerous jungles, and graceful island wahine’s. If you could fuse Gaugin’s primitive preoccupations of langorous ladies with swaying, soothing jungle jazz from 50’s (and avoid the syphilis), you’d have the music of Exotica. It was a purely manufactured perception of the Polynesian and pan-Asian cultures presented as a sonic Shangri-La to the bored, whitewashed, working stiffs of the western world. If nothing else however, it inspired Hawaiian shirts, tiki torches, Tiki bars, backyard BBQs, heavy drinking and some scientific study into primitive mating rituals.

The music was created and popularized by such artists as Arthur Lyman, Les Baxter, Yma Sumac, Tak Shindo, Robert Drasnin, and the man of the hour(s), Martin Denny. Exotica is an important ingredient of the Molotov recipe and our annual special is where the Toucans get to spread their wings while the cannibals fire up the crock pot for some slow cooking! In keeping with the cycle of life, death and the good old fashioned urge to make whoopee, we present this pacific–rim pu-pu platter and hope you remove a few items of clothing, pour one over ice and go where the tropic breezes take you. The final hour is always devoted to nothing but different versions of Exotica’s most popular tune, “Quiet Village.” As a special aspect of the show this year, we will be broadcasting live from the Purple Orchid Tiki Bar in El Segundo, California. If you are in the area, come on down and say Aloha!

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Your goose will be suitably cooked.

April 26th —A Very Special Molotov…with guest Oatboy.

One of our strangest recurring guests will once again break self-imposed exile and leave his “Pablo Escobar coke mansion” in Grenada Hills to dampen our doorway and bend the airwaves like wet red vines. Oatboy is a collector of strange music, a lover of warped pop culture, a garage sale and flea market scrounger and loves scamming a bargain better then a Moroccan used car dealer. From his archive of oddities, it’s hard to know what to expect—Christian hamsters, instructional sex records, video game songs, corporate training lectures and more than likely some Shooby Taylor. This is the black hole of our programming that is wrapped in a Dada cryptogram, muddled with unfulfilled dreams, plopped into a can and labeled “Phyllis Diller’s Chili.” Expect the inappropriate, the methodically mind-melting, and the just plain wrong.

Upcoming Events for May

May 5th—Tres de Mayo:  Special Guest Dave Arnson

“Dangerous” Dave Arneson & Cyrano @ The Purple Orchid

On this night, we welcome evergreen frontman and guitar-slinger of the Insect Surfers.  “Dangerous” Dave Arnson has been playing music longer than most people have been listening to it.  An avid supporter of live music in L.A., it seems like I’ve seen him at just about every show I’ve attended in the last 20 years.  Perhaps there is truly a hive buzzing with clones of him, ready to make a live scene interesting and kooky.  consider this: his band has played with the likes of Iggy Pop, The Stranglers, The Psychedelic Furs, Joan Jett and Echo and The Bunnymen, just to name a few.  Being an avid and informed music nut, he has also worked at many record shops over the years and any vinyl junkie is sure to have crossed paths with him.  Affable, hilarious and downright cuckoo, D.A. will be spinning some great yarns and even greater tunes from his personal stash.

May 5th—Cinco de Mayan y Muchas Mas!

On Cinco de Mayo, (may 5th for all you super gringos), Señor Amor and Cyrano will spread out to serve this town up mojado-style. Over at El Chavo restaurant on 4441 Sunset Blvd, Cyrano will be laying down the Salsa, Nu Yorican Funk, Cumbias, 60’s Rock En Espanol, and everything in between from 6-10 PM. Parking is kinda scarce, but once you’re there, you’ll have every human need within groping distance as outdoor margarita and taco bars will be conveniently next to the dancefloor patio.

Meanwhile, over at the historic Mayan theater, Señor Amor will helm the discos con sabor at the one shot, Cinco de Mayan! This special version of the Lucha Va Voom show will feature sexo y violencio in the forms of burly Luchadores battling it out in the ring interspersed with DiY burlesque hotties including Bonita LaBelle and Kitten Deville. If that wasn’t enough, the show will be packed with tamales, a donkey photo booth, strolling mariachis, aztec and folklorico dancers and lowriders parked outside for good measure. Laying down the soundtrack for the evening, señor will mix a wicked concoction of boogaloo, latin funk and mexi-rockers.

Past Events

December 21st, 2010: Join us for a special 4-hour edition of the show as we once again present our annual “Sensational Solstice of Soul.” Listen and discover how the magic, the wonder, the love and the family drama of the holidays can all be found in the music of James Brown and Marvin Gaye. Soiree Musical’s Yolanda helps Senor Amor, Cyrano and Special Agent Lotus unwrap the mystery and mayhem of the lives of these two hugely influential musicians. The 4th annual edition of this special show promises to leave your stocking stuffed with tunes that are naughty and nice–usually at the same time.

December 28th, 2010: Live in studio are special guests Randy Wong, Lopaka Colon and Tim Mayer from Waitiki, the finest exotica band to arise from the jungles of Boston. Waitiki will be arriving on our shores for a 3-night stint at Don the Beachcomber in Huntington Beach. This festival of music and cocktails will culminate in a swinging new years eve show with Combustible Edison alums Brother Cleve and the Millionaire . We’ll do a pre-show chat with the fellas to see what’s up their sleeves and administer tickets upon our listeners, so keep your ears close to the conch and tune in!