Sip the bouquet,
inhale the aroma. Is that Scotch or gunpowder?

Incorrigibly situated in the heart of Encino, The Mahi-Mahi Room graciously tolerates Cyrano and Señor Amor broadcasting from their broom closet. From this snuggest of harbors, your hosts set sail on a doomed voyage from the monkey-laden temples of Bali to a dangerous disco in Delhi, finally easing into a run down Steak House in Paso Robles. Rising every Tuesday at 10PM like the crew of the Flying Dutchman, The Molotov Men pilot their sinking ship through the fog and hit the sandy bottom at the stroke of midnight.

Charles Mingus uses the rigging as bass strings while Charles Bukowski pours cheap brandy into the starboard cannons and offers you a swig. They invite you to take a stroll along the plank with them and remember that all drinks are bottomless when you’re 50 fathoms down.